App description:

Here is a decimal calculator, which is inspired by printing calcs. You can see the operations like on a paper roll thanks to the scrolling window.

- fixed point arithmetic;
- rounding;
- tax calculations;
- percentage;
- RPN-like operation mode;
- saving functions;
- ability to send filed via email;
- operations can be edited;
- Android platform.

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This software gives you a possibility to quickly send contacts from your address book to your buddies.

Some Features:

- Upgrade to VoxNotes, what allows to record voice notes on your device;
- Ability to send voice messages to persons;
- You can send contacts from the address book.


- Android OS.

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This program is a social music player app, which presents its users connectivity in music with lyrics via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features:

- Updates for playlist selection with blip technology;
- Bluetooth wireless compatible;
- Android Home Screen widget;
- Interactive Music Maps;
- Subtitles for video and music.


- Android OS 1.5

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Here is an app, which uses Free Aenext Tickit Cinema API, what provides GPS/Cell data related motion picture information, showtimes and local theaters on Android-powered phones.

Main Features:

- App provides motion pictures detail info in local theaters;
- Showtime schedule for 7 days;
- Sorting by rating, genre, release;
- App remembers your recent places;
- UK, US and Canada support.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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This application will fit Netflix subscribers. It is a light Queue manager for Android-powered devices.

Main Features:

• Disc Queue:

- Current disc viewing;
- Title details showing;
- Searching for titles;
- Titles add;
- Remove title function;
- Shuffle Q order.

• Instant Viewing:

- Search/add/remove functions;
- Current instant queue viewing.

Platform: Android OS.

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You have a possibility to discover the night sky with the help of your mobile device with Android platform. You can see the representation of the sky for any location in current time.

Key Features:

- Advanced sensor support;
- Search ability;
- Compass;
- Quick View feature;
- It can hide the landscape;
- Night Theme.

Operating system is Android.

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This application offers you Wikipedia and other wikis for you pocket phone.

Key Features:

- Fast workability;
- Wiki content access;
- Multilanguage (over 150 languages);
- Alternative wikis support;
- Nice picture rendering;
- Interface settings;
- Advanced search widget.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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Application description:

You can find out the hourly rate by keying in the monthly or annual salary. You can enter your hourly rate, if you need to know how much you’re making a year or a month. It is very useful, isn’t it?

Platform: Android.

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Program description:

It is a stop smoking helper for Android users. It’ll help users to track their health benefits, what can save cash and time. There is a possibility to add widget right to the desktop.

Special Requirements: Android platform.

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Nuts is one of the most successful puzzle games.

Sharp and thrifty squirrel snaps up and stocks up... no, not chocolate, but just nuts. Complex logical puzzles and nuts hiding are just seeds for our intellectual rodent.

Help this little animal to bulldoze its way out of the woods collecting scattered nuts across the screen of mobile phone. Users also can use helicopter site plans - maps on which our squirell carries stones and nuts.

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