This Android application is the first Android news reader, which includes offline features and can be synchronized with Google Reader.

Program gives access to the variety of news in your Google Reader account.

Special Requirements:

- Android OS

The Latest Improvements:

- Varied lengths of titles;
- Auto-skip empty dashboard;
- Small bugs are fixed;
- Small improvements, such as a special padding at the bottom of articles in feed viewing;
- Cosmetic changes, like in read indicator;
- And more.

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Here is a special utility, which gives you a possibility to download a lot of content from a remote server, what allows you to use the received data later.

These tools aren’t made to be used for single time, because it can be run by applications like MapDroyd or WikiDroyd.

Special Requirements: Android device.

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This application was designed by famous chef Patrik Jaros and Günter Beer who is a food photographer. They create a very clear application, which can fit you in a daily routine on your kitchen. And you can take your small assistance anywhere you go. This smart application is based on fantasy, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different cooking components and you will be able to surprise your friends or family with your skills.


- App contains of 72 original recipes;
- Handy search functions by the category, chapter or keyword;
- Slide show for any dish;

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This useful software represents the offline Romanian explanatory dictionary, which can be run on Android devices.

You will need to install it to the SD card of your device, because this dictionary requires a lot of free space. This soft is totally free!

You have an opportunity to store the explanation to list file for any word on the SD card for further usage by simple clicking on a word explanation.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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This game was developed for all fans of gambling. It represents a simulator of slot machine for poker game.

Your main task is to obtain a poker hand from the cards, which are displayed on 5 wheels. You can find credits in the help page of the game.

Requirements: Android OS.

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This is an amazing game for reaction with multiplayer ability for the Android users. Here 2 players oppose each other and they try to react faster to various events on the screen of mobile device.

Special Requirements:

• Android device.

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Download and enjoy Windows drivers, which allows to enable HTC Sync to recognize HTC Hero.

Special Requirements:

- Windows Vista;
- Windows 7.

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Now you’re able to watch any DVD or other media right on your mobile at a High Speed Recording “on-fly” conversion.

This program is a desktop app, wich gives you a fast possibility to convert any video format to any handheld device.


- Quick converting;
- Full Player preview;
- High quality of picture and sound;
- YouTube programming;
- More than 10 hours of video on a 1Gb card!

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Your mission is to swap and blow dreadful creatures. It lets you to collect a special spells. Your main mission is to clear Five Counties from withcraft. You will do it running through the magic portals and collecting a special tables.

This game is of the Jewellust kinds.

Main Features:

- Amazing medieval environment;
- Game is based on humour and very stylish;
- 40 levels;
- Various power-ups;
- 9 bonuses;
- 2 modes of play;
- 2 bonus-games;
- Separated online High Scores for Campaign and Survival mode;

Special Requirements:

- You must be connected to the Web;

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Animals are able to speak and live in peace and friendship with people, robots and lunarians in Fairyland. This game has a very positive content, because you need to share various tasty food with kids, kittens or other animals. And the most important thing is to guess the preferences of different characters. And you must do it as fast as possible.

Special Features:

- Two modes of play;
- More than 40 levels;
- Six power-ups;
- Separated scores for single and campaign game.


- You must be connected to the Web;
- Android 1.5 or higher.

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