Bebbled Lite / Multi Bubbles is an interesting and beautiful puzzle game for Android devices.

You need to find and remove the same colored balls from the playing field. You need to do this to pick up as much points as possible.

You have to earn a certain number of points to pass each level.

The types of the game are:

- Standard
- Shifter
- MegaShift
- TimeShifter
- Continuous, which is a Classic

Platform: Android OS.

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This Android application represents a special safe for your pocket phone. It protects the passwords and any personal information with the help of AES encryption. You can find the encrypted data in your device’s database. Don’t worry, no data will be kept online. It allows to export any password in a .csv file. Also you can create an encrypted backup.

This version includes new feature for search and integration of MyBackupPro.

Language: English, German, French
Operating System: Android.

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Are you tired of the government tricks? This application will help you to earn some funds! Your goal is to catch the falling dollars. You need collect dollars as much as possible, but be ready for a real captivating action, because levels progress faster as you catch the stimulus cash!

The Improvements:

- OpenGL Option
- Touch motion is more responsive now;
- Virtual High Scores;
- Demo screen display timing is fixed;
- Game runs more better and faster now.


Operating System: Android.

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Can you grow the tallest daisy? You can, all you need to do is just try it.

Join the game community, run Origami Daisy on your Android device and you can grow together the most beautiful flower in the world.


- Application needs less space;
- It loads more quicker.

Operating System: Android.

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