Stop the power of a nuclear missile launch deadly world of CounterSpy.


- Awesome graphics quality
- High resolution
- Excellent sound
- Simple and easy to use controls
- Support for controllers

NOTE: game cash put this way: SDcard / Android / Obb

Language: RUS
Genre: Action
Compatibility: 4.2+
Requirements: ARMv7.
Size: 11 MB - apk; 251 MB - cache
Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
Version: 1.0.110

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Drag Edition Racing 3d 2014 game is a new series of Maximum Racing games with controls on the accelerometer, a new interface, optimized routes and cars.


- New muscle and sports cars
- Sophisticated AI
- 6 different locations
- Realistic cars
- Job application is optimized as a device with a higher resolution, and low (including tablets)
- Win a champion drag!
- Compete with the best representatives of the Street, going through obstacles quickly developing a maximum speed or pushing the enemy off the track.
- Skills to level!

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TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION is a new 3D game for android where you will play for huge Transformers and fight with your enemies.


- Customize characters.
- Nice graphics.
- Easy management.

What’s new in version 1.3.2:

- Fixed bugs
- Optimization of the game

Language: English.
Genre: Arcade / Action
Compatibility: Android 2.2 or above/
Requirements: ARMv7.
Size: 22 MB

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Next Launcher 3D app is an innovative and advanced launcher for Android, which is sure to surprise you with its features and functions.


- Support for widgets.
- Support for animated wallpaper.
- Multi-selection
- Create folders.
- Quick control screens, which you can easily create.
- Beautiful scrolling effects.

Language: Russian, English.
Compatibility: Android 2.2 +
Size: 12 MB.

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In the SkullForce game you are one of the last SkullForce soldiers, who survived in the brutal attack. Your goal is to kill all the enemies and save the SkullForce group. Good luck!


- Stunning graphics.
- Realistic sound effects.
- Many hours of gameplay.
- Easy management.
- Spectacular gameplay.

Language: English.
Compatibility: Android 2.3 or above.
Requirements: ARMv7.
Size: 49 MB.

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SOULCALIBUR game offers you to plunge again and experiencing the eternal tale of swords and souls beyond time and space.


- Stunning graphics.
- Control Settings.
- 19 characters with unique combat system.
- Excellent musical accompaniment.
- 4 modes: Arcade, Training, Survival and Versus.

NOTE: game cash put this way: SDcard/Android/Obb

Language: English.
Genre: Fighting
Compatibility: Android 2.3.3 or above.
Size: 211 MB.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour sends you into the world of global nuclear holocaust. The only chance to avoid further destruction falls on a small but professional squad of elite soldiers who have to save the whole world from the leaders of the terrorist group.


- Feel the drama of history.
- Play for both "good" and for "bad" characters.
- Win the battles with a new tactical system.
- Cool player movement.
- Fight all over the world: from Antarctica to Barcelona.
- Realistic special effects and animation.
- Revolutionary graphics.
- Brutal atmosphere of the game.

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In the Carmageddon game you have to sit in your car and crush all enemies on your way! Use the features of you killing transport to destroy enemies.


- Mad gameplay.
- 28 most crushing cars.
- For the victory in the race you get money.
- 11 locations.
- Leaderboard.
- Statistics and records.
- Built-in video editor.

NOTE: game cash put this way: SDcard/Android/Obb

What’s new in version 1.1.479:

- Bug fixes and improved stability.

Language: Russian, English.
Compatibility: Android 2.3.3, or above; ARMv7.
Size: 100 MB.

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Sonic The Hedgehog game is a Android version of the famous arcade adventure. Pass with the speed of light through all the levels with Sonic the Hedgehog. Run and rotate through huge loops, collect rings and defeat enemies in their quest to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman.


- First opportunity to play for the Sonic’s friends.
- Use their unique possibilities.
- New sensations from passing levels.
- The game is now in the big version.
- The famous soundtrack.
- Test yourself in a new game mode.

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The Walking Dead: Season One game sends you into the story where the main character is given a second chance to live. Now you have to live your life in the world full of teeming crowds and undead. The main aim of the hero is to survive, but how will you do this – it’s up to you to decide. Now you will be responsible for all 5 episodes.


- The game of the Year.
- More than 90 awards.
- Exciting and intriguing storyline.
- Every choice affects the game's plot.
- Stylishly drawn graphics.

NOTE: game cash put this way: SDcard / Android / Obb

Language: English.

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