The Trace: Murder Mystery Game - detective quest, where you play the role of a detective, tasked with investigating the mysterious murder.

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Language: ENG
Genre: Adventure | Action
Compatibility: 4.0+
Size: 20 MB - apk; 112 MB - Cache

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BILLABOOM - Classic Billiards with 3D increased reality.


- Augmented reality.
- Excellent graphics.
- Simple controls.
- Classic gameplay.
- Ability to play together.

Language: ENG
Genre: Sports, Simulation
Compatibility: Android 2.1 +

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Man of Steel - General Zod threatens Earth, and only the Man of Steel can stop him. Float all the powers of Superman to win and save the planet from imminent destruction.


- Attack, dodge, block and use superpowers, including the ability to fly, super-speed and heat vision - all to defeat Zod and his army.
- Take a breathtaking scene mode or put records in a tense mode "Survival".
- Defeat formidable bosses and mini-equipped with the latest technology of enemies taken from the film.
- Unlock and buy 6 costumes from the movie "Man of Steel".

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Table Tennis Touch: meet Viff Waff - your personal robot with which you will have to go through three epic levels. Earn a reputation to open themselves battle tournaments, leagues, battles and crazy mini-games. So make your way to success, battling with 32 unique opponents on 7 stunning arenas.

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Language: ENG
Genre: Sports | Simulator
Compatibility: 2.3+
Size: 19 MB - apk; 158 MB - Cache

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Great Battles Medieval THD - is an epic role-playing game, a fascinating strategy of the Hundred Years War between France and England.


- More than 20 different units.
- More than 100 skills.
- Bonuses and penalties.
- Excellent detailed graphics.
- And much more.

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Language: ENG
Genre: RTS | Strategy
Compatibility: 2.2+
Size: 445.64 MB
Version: 1.0

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Call of Duty: Strike Team - 2020. The tension between the super-countries is too massive. USA suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy and the player's task at the head of Joint Special Operations Team - hunt down this enemy.


- Excellent quality graphics.
- An exciting storyline.
- Various locations.
- Multiple game modes.
- Leaderboard.
- Setting up equipment.

Language: ENG
Compatibility: iOS 6.0
Supported resolutions: 960x640, 1136x640, 1024x768, 2048x1536
Size: 887 MB

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GTA: Chinatown Wars game sends you it the hard time. After the death of father, a victim of assassination, Huang Lee has to surpass an ancient sword to Uncle Kenny. You have to retain power over the Triads of Liberty City.

- Massive story campaign, as well as lots of side quests and exciting mini-games
- Supports widescreen resolutions
- Support for devices Android TV
- Updated control for touch screen (with the possibility of personal settings)
- Enhanced graphics, lighting and recycled effects of explosions

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An evil sorcerer has thrown you into a magical prison guarded by evil creatures. Why did you get there? Who are you and why you can not remember your own name? To find the answers, first you need to escape from this dimension of agony, lost somewhere in time.


- Awesome graphics quality high-level
- Free movement of
- Intuitive controls
- Built on the engine Unreal® Engine 3
- Intriguing plot

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Language: Russian, English.
Genre: Action/Adventure/Horror/Puzzle/Quest.
Compatibility: Android 2.3 +
Size: 25 MB.

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Stop the power of a nuclear missile launch deadly world of CounterSpy.


- Awesome graphics quality
- High resolution
- Excellent sound
- Simple and easy to use controls
- Support for controllers

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Language: RUS
Genre: Action
Compatibility: 4.2+
Requirements: ARMv7.
Size: 11 MB - apk; 251 MB - cache
Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
Version: 1.0.110

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Drag Edition Racing 3d 2014 game is a new series of Maximum Racing games with controls on the accelerometer, a new interface, optimized routes and cars.


- New muscle and sports cars
- Sophisticated AI
- 6 different locations
- Realistic cars
- Job application is optimized as a device with a higher resolution, and low (including tablets)
- Win a champion drag!
- Compete with the best representatives of the Street, going through obstacles quickly developing a maximum speed or pushing the enemy off the track.
- Skills to level!

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