Adventure PDA v1.16 free download

Adventure PDA v1.16

Now you can play Scott Adams Adventures right on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile PDA.

You can also have fun with other adventures that use the Scott Adams game format, such as Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures.


- Edited image of Adventure 3 from Mission Secret to Mission Impossible.
- Print CR action was getting upset so I reworked it.

- Fixed an issue on Trim role if using a certain word on Return to Pirates Island.

- If messages section ends in a comma, change to a full stop.

- Fixed {BR} seen in some room descriptions.
- On Font Bold, messages didn't concatenate.

- Keyboard on 320x320 screens.
- Correction in Return to Pirate's Isle.
- Code to change '&' in communication to 'and'.
- Code to concatenate messages if prior message ended in a comma.

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