AirStrike II free download

AirStrike II

This is an attractive extension of Airstrike series. This is one of the best games in the genre of 3D arcades on helicopters. Continuation of the game is even more perfect than the first version.

Extra Features:

• 18 unique levels with 3 big bosses;
• 5 various landscape types;
• More than 100 various units with original characteristics;
• Big number of game objects;
• 6 various helicopters to fly on;
• 10 original weapons with 3-7 level upgrade;
• 15 various bonuses and 5 units of missile;
• Night missions with different weather;
• 5 levels of difficulty which can fit any skill level of player;
• Game modes for 1 or 2 players;
• 12 cheat codes for tricky players;
• Unique music and powerful sound effects;
• Addictive gameplay;
• Online high-scores.

The Features of Graphics:

• 4 cameras for different views;
• Amazing effects and explosions;
• Advanced 3D Graphics Engine with realistic 3D landscape.

Operating System:

Windows Mobile.

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