Allods II: Necromancer 1.06 free download

Allods II: Necromancer 1.06

This game is a choice of many gamers, because it gives a delightful graphics, original gameplay, amazing combination of role-playing and real-time strategy. This version embodies everything that earned the popularity among fans of computer entertainment in the world!

Pocket PC version of the game is not inferior to the original game! Handy user interface and menu access even surpass its predecessors and give the additional opportunities of the implementation of strategic and tactical decisions for the players of this game.


- Ability to travel free between missions and settlements;
- Variety of weapons, armors, magic spells;
- You can recruit additional characters, if you need help;
- A team of 3 heroes with unique features;
- You can choose the strategy of the game;
- You can change your weapon right in action;
- 5 schools of magic, which includes various spells;
- 3D ground.


- StrongARM/Xscale 400 Mhz processor;
- Windows Mobile 2003 or later;
- More than 30 MB of free space.

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