Travel in time with your nuclear submarine during experimental time travel to the year 2050. Repulse the worldwide terrorist attacks using the newest 'Poseidon' class torpedos. Use all your skills and sharpness to restore the world order.

Extra Features:

• Arcade/campaign/missions game modes;
• 40 levels with different difficulty;
• Five “big” bosses;
• Unique gameplay;
• You can forward to the past and back to the future;
• English, Spanish, Russian, French, Polish languages;
• Fine graphics with an extra effects and amazing soundtrack.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Is It hip? Yes, It is, daddy-o! Play most swinging puzzle game in the world. This release is designed by Astraware developers.

Your mission is to match and clear the slot symbols completely. You can use bombs, magnets or other extra blocks to make an unforgettable combos.

TipTop has 3 game modes like Regular, Speed and Strategy; 19 bonus levels, tips for every level.

So, download this amazing puzzle game and enjoy its fast-paced action and fifties fruit-machine style graphics!

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I guess, everyone knows classic Breakout game. Introduced Ricochet game runs the same way, but it reaches a new level with its improvements and extra features!


• You’ll need to use all your skills and speed to play this exciting game;
• Amazing soundtrack and sound effects, great graphics;
• You have a possibility of high resolution graphics if you use the latest device;
• Spectacular enhanced sounds;
• 150 levels and more;
• Settings of difficulty with a hidden secret setting;
• You always can view or record your scores with High Score board.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This Pocket PC application called Mario Docker is an amazing arcade game that runs in Tetris style.

Your task is to help Mario to unlade all the barges which are come into port. But you must use all your skills to do this job right.

Special Features:

• Amazing animation;
• New FX;
• Bonus features;
• Threatening bricks;
• Resume capability;
• A lot of an interesting levels;
• Breathtaking gameplay.

Operating System: Windows CE.

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I guess, that everyone knows the amazing game Pacman, that was designed long ago. But this addictive game will never lose its popularity. So, enjoy the remake of the greatest game of all time on your pocket phone. 22 new levels, different from original, are available for you. This new version also has a big number of improvements.


• New graphics;
• Interesting levels;
• Amazing soundtrack;
• Stylus control;
• Table for score records.

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Play this wonderful classic wooden labyrinth game on your pocket device. Control a steel ball and find the way out through the maze for him. But this mission is escorted by different obstacles like holes, blocks or teleports. So, develop your skills to find a finish hole.

Special Features:

• Easy-to-use, but addictive game;
• Perfect physics;
• More than 200 games in this release!
• Vibration effects;
• Amazing soundtrack;
• Autosave;
• Custom friendly interface;
• You have a free update if you’re a registered user.

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Are you tired of boring apps? It isn’t this case! Try this amazing excellently crafted arkanoid remake called Active Ball on your Pocket PC.


• Over 75 action levels;
• Classic gameplay;
• 13 bonus levels;
• Endless upgrades for free.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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The base of this game application are the original arcade classics Breakout and Arkanoid. But this app is much better, because of It has some neat twists.

Game has different difficulties, such as bat that deflects the ball, but it can be a real pleasure to overcome any obstacle if you practice regularly. So, destroy all the bricks and remove all the barriers to get to the every next level, but be careful and don’t get lost amongst some game chaos... Good luck!

Special Features:

• 50 levels;
• Amazing and fast graphics;
• Particle effects engine;

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Super Elemental is a great new twist on an classic arcade base. You just have to survive by matching the colored element blocks. Water, Earth, Ice and Fire are four key elements blocks. Make long chain to get the bigger bonus.

Special Features:

• Bonus levels;
• Highscore list;
• High colour backdrops;
• Amazing soundtrack and sound effects;
• Particle effects;
• 3 levels of difficulty;
• Bonus points and rewarding speech when you perform combo;
• You always know about the end of every level with the Clock countdown;
• Continues on gameplay;

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Do you think fast and have a devious mind? Then, this fast and furious multiplayer game called Gold Rush fits you perfectly. The task of this addictive game is to collect more gold and precious stones than your tricky opponents by bombing them as you wish...

Key Features:

• Single Player and Multiplayer Modes;
• Up to 4 Computer opponents;
• Easy-to-use configuration;
• Network and WiFi compliant;
• Particle Effects Engine;
• Amazing and rapid graphics.

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