Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D free download

Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D

Asphalt: Urban GT makes a great return on your mobile phones and smartphones! You can find an exciting collection of dream cars, ranging from the most prestigious automobiles for today and right up to the powerful bike in this game!
Cheer up your race car any way, if you want to show your true style of driving on routes that are extend at different rushing circulations in the most famous cities in the world, and your radio at that time will play hits of Moby, "Lift Me Up." But do not forget that you there is only for one thing - race. The only way to impress the beautiful girls who you meet along the way is to be first.
In Gameloft Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D real gaming action awaits you around every bend route, so prepare your nerves and get ready to defend your position in front of spectacular opponents surge, which is reinforced in every race! Enjoy racing!

Compatibility: Symbian 9.1-9.3
Language: English

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