Atomic Battle Dragons Pocket free download

Atomic Battle Dragons Pocket

You are the good warrior with a dragon, fighting the evil warrior Belzom. You gather super-powers as you advance. RPG elements are more and more common in each adventure or action game. As you destroy your opponent you get experience points which can be distributed between your attack, health, speed, etc.
You can move left and right, up and down. Depending on what kind of PDA you have, you can pre-set your commands. There is also a minimap which gives you a clue of the level you are in. Because you fly, in the beginning you get a feeling that you can get lost. But the minimap makes a very good job helping you to locate your whereabouts and the enemy disposition.
The graphic looks good on the PDA screen; you can play it in landscape view; different ways of setting the controls; the minimap; RPG elements.

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