Bananas 1.1 free download

Bananas 1.1

The mission of this arcade game is to help to monkey named Flibert to find the five Totems of Power.

This action puzzler has 24 different levels, in which you need to think fast to keep Flibert from a deadly squashing on the display border by the rearrangement of his agility. You must give an advice of the right path to monkey as the branches rise, if you don’t want to see the crushing of your character by the the top of the screen. And remember, you have to avoid maluses on your way. But don’t worry, different game bonuses will help you to pass this task.

Special Features:

• Amazing graphics;
• 8 extra music themes;
• Level Editor;
• Autosave and save ability;
• Language choice;
• Technical assistance;
• Free updates;
• 5 big bosses;
• 3 levels of difficulty.

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