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This game app is the classic game in the style of Jump 'n' Run with colorful animation, juicy and bright background design, wonderful soundtrack.

Your task is to lead a little pygmy Boneyboy through the jungle and purify the proposed levels. You must always go forward moving from the vines to vines, jumping from one platform to another and collecting various objects. But be careful, becuase a lot of enemies and traps await you on the road...

Game Features:

- Gorgeous graphics;
- Over 30 levels, with bonus sublevels;
- Autosave after every level completing;
- Excellent music and sound effects;
- Customized control keys;
- A special type of jump is an ultimate heli-jump. You can stay in the air thanks to this special jump;
- Dozens of animated opponents and all types of obstacles;
- Multi-level scrolling;
- Amazing effects of dispersion and fading.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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