Bubble Bobble World 1.73 free download

Bubble Bobble World 1.73

This game application is a new variant of a well-known classic game called Bubble Bobble. You can choose from the two interesting characters, who are small dragons named Bub and Bob. The game runs in a completely new world gorged with attractive and insidious creatures with a task to cut their trip short. But they’ve a miraculous possibility to blow some bubbles, which can entrap their opponents inside of them. Once the opponent is trapped, the bubbles can be simply flapped by these fun small dragons.

Be sure, you will certainly like the magic features of the game:

- The up-to-date graphics, music and sound effects;
- 10 different monsters with The Dark Dwarf at the top;
- 100 levels;
- More than 120 fresh items and bonuses;
- Attractive multiplayer mode.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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