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Bubble Shuffle

This mind-wrecking undersea-themed mobile game will challenge both your lexical and spelling skills. The aim of Bubble Shuffle is to create as many words as you possibly can from letters in bubbles. You can match the bubbles by selecting them so that they display in the word window.
While you can create at least one word that has all of the letters at your disposal you can advance to the next level by clicking 'Advance'. As you advance through the levels, the number of letters grows, so does the difficulty. There are four game modes - two are timed and two are unlimited, 'free' games. You can also choose from four difficulty levels, and choose to use the 'extended' dictionary if you're feeling that ambitious.
The Looks of Bubble Shuffle is stunning. The cartoony theme is well drawn and the calm music and sound effects put you into a relaxed state that will keep you focused on the game.

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