Call of Duty 2 free download

Call of Duty 2

You have a chance to get the awarded, action cinematic first-person game that takes gamers to the front lines of World War II.

· Engrossing first-person touchscreen controls
· Compatible with the 2700G graphics processor, Dell Axim x50v and x51v
· a graphics processor is not required to play
· 12 Single Player Levels featuring 3 campaigns
· authentic American, Russian, German, and British WWII weaponry.

System Requirements:
Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Windows Mobile Smartphone edition.
You need a personal computer running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or later with Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 or later (4.5 is the latest version) to install the game onto your handheld device.
CPU Requirement: 400 MHz and above Intel Xscale Processor
RAM: 28mb of free RAM
Supported Pocket PCs: Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, Dell Axim X51v, Dell Axim X30, HP iPAQ hx2410/2415, HP iPAQ hx2700/2750, and HP iPAQ hx4700/4705.

Recommended Hardware:
500MHz and above Intel XScale processors, Dell Axim X51 and X50, touch screen.

· PPC Windows Mobile 5.0
· PPC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
· PPC 3D Accelerator (Axim x50v/x51v)

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