Farkle Dice for Windows Mobile - Treos 1.3 free download

Farkle Dice for Windows Mobile - Treos 1.3

Get 10,000 points by playing with your buddies or an artificial intelligence. Take the advantage of the unforgettable entertainment with the easy-to-use and fun competition on your Windows Mobile device! So, don’t miss a chance and roll the dice!

Extra Features:
- Game has playing and strategy tips;
- 6 different computer players;
- You can play against up to 5 of your buddies;
- Amazing HQ graphics;
- Attractive sound effects;
- Adjustable game settings;
- Help, original rules and scoring;
- Treo line and other square screen devices support;
- Customized speed of the game;
- Advanced volume control;
- Game runs on Windows Mobile platform.

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