Flux Challenge v4.0.42 free download

Flux Challenge v4.0.42

Flux Challenge is a 3D racing-game in which you have to race into magnetic tunnels on your flying carts.
In Flux, you are in the distant future, where traffic is shifted deep underground in the magnetic tunnel magnetic fields. Designed for mass transit, tunnels soon became a favorite venue for the underground racing cars. Here are tracks on time, races, car and track choice and beautiful sounds. So, sit behind the wheel - and enjoy!

Each new version of Flux Challenge is a new detail, new element, a lot of improvements, immediately strikes the eye, so that the impressions of the game each time quite different. At this time - polished tracks with odd jobs texture, refined motion fireballs. In short, the weather is beautiful in the tunnels, the flight goes well.


- High-quality animation and graphics.
- Different game modes.
- A lot of bonuses and unexpected surprises in the game.
- Hall of fame and records.

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