GeoScout 2.1.0 free download

GeoScout 2.1.0

If you need to go geocaching you can choose GeoScout. And it becomes your favourite software after your test. You can easily download - import, view and regulate all caches of interest with the help of this app. GeoScout follows you to the cache waypoint with suitable GPS.

It uses individual gpx files for every cache. And GeoScout can import existing gpx or loc files if you don’t have these files. It also can create them from the Internet site.

Special Features:

• It imports cache details from loc or gpx files;
• It downloads cache details direct from;
• App views cache details;
• It keeps record of caches;
• There are descrypted tips;
• Application works with NMEA compatible with GPS and any Bluetooth devices;
• You always can see the position and satellite status with GPS;
• Waipoint locations are transferred between lat/long, UTM, MGRS, OSGB, and more;
• You can clearly see the behaviour and distance to cache waypoint.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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