High Seas: Guns and Gold free download

High Seas: Guns and Gold

Find fame and fortune as a ship captain in the Caribbean in this addictive new strategy game!

Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy! The year is 1695 and you are a ship captain. You can find fame and fortune in this addictive new strategy game!

Complete courageous missions to get gold and prestige, prowl the waters to capture unsuspecting ships, and haggle with merchants to discover well-paid trade routes. You can choose your own exclusive path to untold fortunes—as a pirate, trader, privateer, or all three!


- Travel over 26 ports, each with their own unique market for goods.
- Try one of the ten different ship types to decide which best reveals your style of play.
- Buy and sell 8 types of trade items in your search for the most lucrative routes.
- Each adventure is unique: you have a possibility to choose your nationality, what missions to commence and how predatory to behave on the open water.
- All your conclusions have real game suggestions, ensuring a new play experience each time.

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