Intelli Chess 2.7.2 free download

Intelli Chess 2.7.2

“Chess” is an application with a strong engine and the great ability to play over the Internet.


- Strong chess engine (Human vs Computer)

- Chess games over the Internet using chess server.

- Connect to ChessClub using Intelli Chess and play online!

- Two players mode (Human vs Human)

- Save/Load game (with support for PGN format)

- Set up a position on the board, than begin a new game from this position.

- Opening book containing more than 3860 moves.

- Multilevel Undo.

- Hints and Skins.

- Adjustable chessboard size

- Adjustable difficulty levels (Easy, Average, Best).

- Adjustable time control settings (time per game or time per move).

- Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 supported.

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