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Konami Contra 1.0

Contra is the first game of a sufficiently long series, whose representatives met on several platforms of the Konami company product. Contra is the one of the best games for the NES, along with Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Battle City, and others. Contra is the American version of the of the game. It is borrowed, oddly enough from the name of the Cuban Special Forces troops - Contras!

The graphics in the game is one of the best on the NES, in 1988, was simply gorgeous. The player can experience it fully, even in the very beginning. Getting on the island, he found himself on a rocky cliff, overgrown with green grass, water splashed down in the distance could be seen the mountains with white caps, and overhead the stars shone the night sky.
Get the feeling of what feels to me a breath of cool night breeze.

Gameplay with the wide variety of opponents, running from different directions and shooting, stationary gun turrets, tanks, dropping grenades - in order to cope with this requires considerable skill and dexterity.
Controls are very light and responsive and it does not cause any discomfort, and gives control over the situation right in the hands of the player.

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