Legacy: Land of Despair free download

Legacy: Land of Despair

In this “Land of Despair” you will explore a new world full of new quests.
The game takes place in a parallel world, which can be accessed through the teleport in the Town of Decrantes.

First, you should select your party in the Town of Decrantes (the Land of Despair is littele hard to play for beginners). After choosing the right party you should make some exercises in the cellars and caves around the town. After this you can go into the teleporter... you will reach your destination…the Forest of Despair.


- Land of Despair includes 12 levels, enemies between level 8 and 25 as well as several quests (some solutions are spread over the levels).
- Different game modes.
- A lot of bonuses, types of enemies and unexpected surprises in all games.
- Quality graphics and sound, super addictive game play and mind blowing effects.

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