Machines at War Mobile 1.2 free download

Machines at War Mobile 1.2

This real military strategy game for your pocket Windows Mobile device. You take mission to command a great army. You can be a dominating world power if you construct an epic war machine and use it right. There is a random map system in this application. So, it gives you new challenges and uniqueness of every game episode. There’re a lot of game functions for your use. You can easy build bridges for water crossing, build walls for protection, clear a path to the enemy through a forest, hide under trees for a lying-in-wait attack, follow the enemy’s tanks by the track tread marks, and more. You also can make your own city with over 40 structures and units. You can develop your game strategy with time. You can research technologies for your strength development. You easy attack your enemy with your units, if you choose to be an economic powerhouse. Or you can choose defensive strategy and build fortification of turrets and fortresses with strong walls and gates. There is other interesting path of development called blitzkrieg. You attack your enemies with unique weapon and demoralise them with an unstoppable power. Other feature is to build aircraft and vehicles. You can control lands and air space with jeeps, trucks, tanks, helicopters, jets, turrets, VTOLs, etc. You see an exact statistics of every player after each battle.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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