Moline for Pocket PC 1.20 free download

Moline for Pocket PC 1.20

This game is of the arcade kinds. Try to end all the levels and destroy your every enemy! Your character is the Moline who uses unusual tools for movement. Kill the Boss of every level to take part in next level.

Destroy your opponents using special bomb, but you must be very prudent player to escape the premature bomb’s explosion, because it kills you! Try to earn points as much as possible to get the extra life. You can earn the maximum number of points in bonus stages or when you kill all the enemies with the right usage of the bomb.

Be careful and attentive, your opponents always try to attack you from the lowest locations. Also they will push up a heavy rock to prevent you and in order to kill. Try to don’t miss over six enemies to stay alive. Enjoy!

Operative Sysrem: Windows Mobile.

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