Next Element Deluxe 1.01 Smartphone free download

Next Element Deluxe 1.01 Smartphone

Who likes play puzzle games? I guess, everyone likes. But are you tired of playing the same sort of games all the time? Yes, you are! So try new and original puzzlers called Next Element.

There are always upgrated versions for your pocket device. And the latest one is a Deluxe version of the original Next Element. It was added new backgrounds and additional music to this new application version.

The mission of Next Element Deluxe 1.01 is the task of clearing a maze of indexed tiles. Thereby, It trains your brains. You have to clear all the tiles on the board. You can easy know how many times you need to visit tile for its destruction, because there are numbers on every tile. But some tiles only have arrow icons that help you move the tile in the proposed direction. And the arrow tile destroys if you leave it. Also you have a possibility of teleportation when you are in one of pair of teleportation tile.

Don’t worry, it is not difficult to play Next Element Deluxe. You will figure it out after the start. And it is unquestionable that people find it very hard to put the game down. The game becomes tangled with time. But this feature only adds more interest to the gameplay.

All Next Element Deluxe elements are perfectly presented. You can use this game with all features of it using Windows Mobile operating system.

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