Visit a big business city called Megapolis. 4 streets with 8 corporations, every corporation has 2 or 3 company. And what do you think? Mission of this game is market monopolizing, building and developing of professional firms network. Notice, you have to destroy your opponents totally to be the one!

But it is not an easy task. There are many differences by your way, such as greedy competitors, lack of funds in the account or even a robbery. But it is a very interesting mission anyway.

Key Features:

• Help page;
• Multiplayer Mode (from 1 to 4 persons);

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Help to main character (Sid the robot) of this interesting action game to clean all tricky levels. You need to adventure through colorful levels and rid the world from toxic waste. Be careful, it is not an easy mission. Overcome the rogue security robots with the help of extra power boosters, which you can collect!


• Easy-to-use controls;
• Accelerometer Control (Samsung Omnia and HTC Diamond);
• 16 stages with breathtaking actions;
• Particle effects;
• Endless Save.

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This is first person shoot-em-up game designed exclusively for the Pocket PC. A realistic 3D playing, Guts and Aliens, Loads of Blood are available for you.

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You can create anything if you have a digital camera. And you can create more if you’ve the application called Pocket Goo 2. You create funny characatures of your friends or family members with ordinary movement of the stylus over the display. Just create and save your greatest masterpieces. This program has different exposure tools and deformation tools for your use.


• BMP, JPEG, GIF formats support;
• JPEG saving;
• Shrink, Move, Rotate, Grow, Eraser tools;
• Apply/Undo mode;
• Fullscreen mode;
• Mirror effects;
• Customizable Saturation/Hue;

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This app is a great package of amazing arcade games!
This version is for Pocket PC use.
You choose more addictive game than Tetris if you download this app. Your mission is to fit the same colors and pop the bubbles. This is united pack of all Bubble series for your attention. There are Bubble Thriller, Bubble FlyTrix, Bubble Shooter, etc.!

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Try this game, if you think that you have seen all kinds of games. And you will see, that this “brain training” game application is the other kind!

Improve your brain skills with this interesting app. Its features:

• Pack has 28 games;
• Building Mode;
• Greatest graphical content. There are over 100 locations in the gameplay;
• The latest unique Minigames;
• You can choose the style of the game with 4 different modes;
• Less reading, more playing!
• This is the best “brain training” game with totally NEW Minigames.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This app is lookalike of the Guitar Hero game created for pocket Windows Mobile usage. But you play Bass when you play this amazing application.


• App can play any .wav file;
• VGA display support;
• Game was designed for the HTC Diamond and ATT FUSE, HTC Touch Pro and many other pocket devices with VGA support;
• OS is Windows Mobile.

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Notice, this arcade game for pocket Windows Mobile phones provokes the addiction, because of its breathtaking gameplay! Your mission is to pop many-coloured bubbles for points. This application has three games. These games contains a lot of playing fields and great movement physics of bubbles.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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4Pinball is cool game with availability to play pinball on your pocket Windows Mobile device.


• Rapid, smooth, vertically scrolling tables with high colours;
• 2 great tables with further expansion;
• Numerous flippers and Jackpot, Extra Ball, Multi-Ball, Point Buster and Bumber Attack modes.

Just download and enjoy the most funny app of pinnball games on your Windows Mobile phone.

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You can fight with your friends or computer with breathtaking Windows Mobile game called Atomic Cannon. Team competition takes place in 25 various environments. Your team fights with the help of different weapon like guns, bombs, rockets, nukes, missles, but total number of weapon of mass destruction is 85! There are many features which certainly improve this game. Nukes can be a cause of glowing radioactive fragments or rockets can generate smoke trails that move in the wind. And you surely enjoy amazing game animation, sound effects and effects of explosions.

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