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Peg Jump

I guess, everybody knows about this app. It is good old Peg Jump Game.


• Firsty, you open menu tapping on the Top Bar;
• Game mission is to be left with one peg on the plate by jumping pegs.

Enjoy to cut a long story short!

You can donate funds to designers of this game if you find this application useful.

Refreshed Description:

Version 1.5:
• Some mistakes were corrected that could end the game too early;
• Images was modified to much smaller size.

Version 1.3:
• Results were added like on original of the game at the end;
• Few minor mistakes were corrected.

Version 1.2:
• Screen resolutions were expanded (VGA, , WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA).

Version 1.1:
• Colors of button menu were changed.

Version 1.0:
• VGA resolution is only accessed.

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