Pocket Breakout 1.4 free download

Pocket Breakout 1.4

The base of this game application are the original arcade classics Breakout and Arkanoid. But this app is much better, because of It has some neat twists.

Game has different difficulties, such as bat that deflects the ball, but it can be a real pleasure to overcome any obstacle if you practice regularly. So, destroy all the bricks and remove all the barriers to get to the every next level, but be careful and don’t get lost amongst some game chaos... Good luck!

Special Features:

• 50 levels;
• Amazing and fast graphics;
• Particle effects engine;
• You control with keyboard/sylus pen;
• Rotating bounce and cast away objects;
• High Score showing;
• Warp Holes;
• Sticky Bat;
• Quicker Balls;
• Laser cannons with 2 levels;
• Multi-Balls;
• Normal/Half Size/Double Bat;
• Balls of Fire;
• Extra Life capacity.

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