Pocket Pachisi v1.23 free download

Pocket Pachisi v1.23

Players progress out of their starting area, take one outing around the roadway, and head up the middle toward home. The player with the lowest roll of one die goes first.

A piece can be bumped back to its starting part if the opponent piece lands on it. But you can't bump a piece that inhabits a shelter space (a black space), excluding in the case of entering your own entrance space from your starting area. No more than 2 pieces can occupy a space at the same time.

You have an opportunity of bypassing your home stretch and making an extra circuit around the board. You might want to use this method to bump the piece of another player who might be in the lead or on the verge of winning.

The first player who brings all four pieces home is the winner.


- Multilanguage: English, Russian, Polish, Esperanto, Greek, Hindi, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech.
- Locale auto-detection.
- 3-level AI.
- Auto-save.
- Participate with your friends on the same board.
- Online Game results.


- Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM 6.
- NET CF v2.0.
- QVGA, VGA, WVGA, 240x400.

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