Pool 3D Training Edition 1.596 free download

Pool 3D Training Edition 1.596

Pool 3D Training Edition is one of the best 3D pool simulator games with a real physics simulation of motion of balls, which takes into account everything, such as gravity, table’s cover, the strength and direction of impact.

3D-game engine allows you to move the player's point of view in any direction, and also to approach it or move away from the table. Pool 3D Training Edition allows you to practice with learning of the physics of the game (the angle, rebound, impact power, twist). The simulator game gives you a feeling of a real game at the table apart from the training. You can perform various tricks, wich are available in the genuine pool. You can conveniently view the billiard table when looking for the most suitable combination of impact.

By the several words, download and you will not regret, because the atmosphere of the game is transferred very excellently!

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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