Psycho Path free download

Psycho Path

Funny and cheeky pedestrian parody of Carmageddon is now available for Palm OS and Pocket PC.

Strange guy goes out for his daily jog as always, but the streets are busy this day. New adventures awaits this guy with unlucky number 13 on his back. Ugly old women crawle road in the wrong place and extremals on skateboards look for collisions. But he has an opportunity to show his tongue to dity road worker or trick cop who sticks to him like a burr. And this unusual and staggering journey has just begun!

Main Features:

- Attractive gameplay;
- Good effects;
- Good sounds and music;
- Easy controls with keys or stylus;
- Wise pedestrians with different behavior;
- Different surprises along the way;
- Adrenaline rush can happen :-)

Category: Arcade
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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