Red Sector 2112 free download

Red Sector 2112

This is first person shoot-em-up game designed exclusively for the Pocket PC. A realistic 3D playing, Guts and Aliens, Loads of Blood are available for you.

It is 2112 year. Chaos, climate changes, low Earth’s resources, population growth, rebirth of nuclear power are not everythithg that happened. Just imagine this terrible events! People were relocated on Mars. And aliens from the other planets started to capture human acres. Chaos... They turned significant number of people into walking zombies. And one man built the ultimate fighting machine. It was himself! He was android partially and human in part. So, you’re this fighting machine! You have to search out and destroy the enemy to save human life.

Extra Features:

• Real 3D Environent;
• Gameplay from the First Person;
• Lighting, Shadow and Reflections in real time;
• Different Weapons and Ammo;
• Binoculars;
• Night Vision;
• Telescopic Sights;
• Jet Pack;
• Endless Save;
• Key Configuration;
• Difficulty Levels;
• Every level is viewed detaily;
• Adjustable Gamma.

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