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Are you ready to do the most crazy things in the name of love? You can download this game application if you’re prepared for the unusual love story. This unique game gives you a possibility to see a real love of robots...

Your mission is to help Robo to save his sweetheart Eny. She was kidnapped by the tricky Discharger. This wicked character hid Eny in the deepest underground complex. Robo went to save Eny, but he detected, that complex is protected by lasers. Now he has a new mission to block this lasers. And you’re the one who can help him in this difficult task.

Special Features:

- 76 unique levels;
- 4 original worlds;
- Good graphics;
- Difficult of passing rises with each new level;
- Outstanding soundtrack;
- Addictive gameplay;
- Simple rules;
- Undo for one move ability;
- Autosave.

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