Samulos 1.02 free download

Samulos 1.02

Everyone had a smart classmate at school. His desk was the focus of all attention when it came to exams and everyone persistently wanted to glance a look at his paper.

I think that the developer of all-known Tetris feels like that kid. Because there are many copies of this game. And nobody knows about original look of Tetris.

Pocket devices are created for these types of game. And Samulos will be a nice exception for your game collection. The concept is invariable. A lot of blocks falls from the sky, and you have to rotate them for suitable joining in accurate rows when they drop to the bottom of the display.

Every latest version of Tetris tries to add something new and unique to the game mode or does things more original with creating of some kind of plot. But Samulos designers do not go with this flow. It is no reason to pretend to be something it's not. Tetris is a greatest game with pure and simple gameplay. And why must we change it?

But there are some differences with the original. You can choose different backgrounds and breathtaking sound effects with music. Also there are eight levels. Samulos doesn’t have a rich graphics as some clones of Tetris, but it has a secret. This secret is unsurpassed gameplay of Samulos.

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