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Scid Pocket

This software is a great chess database. This application is also port of Scid for PC. Its bases are consistent between Pocket and PC.

You need to close other applications, if you want run Scid Pocket that demands a lot of memory. You also need to do this operation in case of openning big databases.

You have to use a version of eTcl newer than rc24 and the latest Tcl/Tk 8.5 to start this application.

List of Features:

• App has board setup;
• You can Load/Save the Scid bases;
• Display of up to four best lines;
• It has opening books;
• You can easy switch between few opened bases;
• The search features are available for you. You search position, material, patterns and header;
• There are variants of handling for the game navigation;
• You can clearly see the statistics of opened base with the Opening tree;
• This application has an Engine competition. Installation package has several engines;
• You can easy play Scid Pocket on the Internet (;
• You also can find an external board called Novag Citrine with Bluetooth;
• You receive the game annotation by engine automatically.


• Firsty, you need to install Etcl (at least 1.0rc24) from Evolane. Notice, that you have no sound support if you use the compact edition. All available on the web;
• Second step is installation of the CAB file. You can find Scid Pocket in program menu / games.

And you can repeat the last step if you need to upgrade this useful app after a while.

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