Sid Meier's Pirates 1.0.10 free download

Sid Meier's Pirates 1.0.10

The game takes place in 17 century in the Caribbean Sea. You are young pirate, and your goal is to become a famous pirate. Go to the end of a long path to greatness and glory. The game gives you many ways to achieve this goal.

Visit the many ports, go to the tavern, collect the team, recruit a potential pirate, get the latest news about what is happening in other parts of the world. You can explore the remote bays in the open sea. You can use various tools or take a boat to board the ship in the sea battle. Each shot is unique: one can damage the body, the other breaks the sails and rigging, the third can knock out the whole enemy team. Also, you can land on land and challenge the coastal fortresses or small forts.

Special Requirements: BlackBerry 81xx Pearl, 82xx Pearl Flip, 83xx Curve, 87xx, 88xx, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, Storm.

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