Snails Reloaded free download

Snails Reloaded

This amazing classic game is a very addictive action-strategy for pocket WM phones, which is full of excellent humor and big guns! It has been designed for many years, and it is a winner of different game awards!

Special Features:

- Amazing graphics, pro art and animation;
- Extra eye-candy effect, like explosions, flames, smoke trails, etc.;
- Weather effects;
- Handy controls and clear friendly interface;
- Smooth gameplay;
- Slender menus;
- The Moogums, Lupeez and Nooginz unique races;
- 15 original levels;
- You can create your own levels;
- Big number of weapon!
- Special weapon for fun;
- Real physics;
- Cool sounding and soundtrack, superb sound effects;
- Missions, Deathmatch, 2 Player Hot-Swap game modes.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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