Snooker Multiplayer free download

Snooker Multiplayer

All the rules of this game are based on a real Snooker game. So, you can try to beat AI or play online against human opponents, if you think that you have a real talent and necessary skills to be the best. Anyway, it will be an unforgettable competition according to the game’s features:

- Online and Standalone game modes;
- “Guest” and Named variants of play;
- You can create your own table to play or join to someone’s game;
- Play-in – Play-out online competition;
- Chat;
- Templates of chat messages;
- Free avatars for download;
- You can upload any picture from your device as avatar;
- Real physics;
- Amazing music and realistic sound effects;
- Two levels of difficulty in single game;
- Intuitive controls;
- Hint assistance;
- Free updates.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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