Solitaires Unlimited 2.02 free download

Solitaires Unlimited 2.02

Solitaires Unlimited is a single kit of solitaires. There are 800 most popular solitaires in this package, such as FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, Yukon, Klondike, Forty Thieves, etc. It also contains the newest solitaires that you haven’t seen yet. Solitaires Unlimited functions with Windows Mobile smartphones beginning with WM5.0. You can successfully play solitaires using the latest smartphones, because of assistance of landscape screen orientation.

Main attributes:

• Every solitare have best time roll
• All culled by classes, type of game, levels difficulty and time of play
• Graphics can change from sharp to clear
• Infinite undo mode
• You can drag or tap cards
• Special feature of next move hint
• Timed play mode
• Animated card motion
• Saving on exit
• You can edit your favorites list
• Starling customizable interface
• Every game have a help menu

Operating system: Windows Mobile

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