Spider-Man: Toxic City HD free download

Spider-Man: Toxic City HD

Green Goblin distributes serum that can turn innocent citizens into terrible mutants. Control Spider-Man and face the powerful enemies, like Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Shocker, Doc Oc, and many others. Defeat them and take their DNA to develop an antidote for Green Goblin's serum. You will discover many new features of Spider-Man: web weaving, walls climbing and new movements in combat. Art animation and design successfully embrace the essence of the famous comic strip about Spider-Man.

Game's Features:

- The varied gameplay;
- You can play in the vertical plane;
- Humor and cartoon style;
- The collection of classic comic covers;
- Scary and charismatic enemies;
- Spider's intuition and useful gains.

Developer: Gameloft
Setup Type: CAB
OS: Windows Mobile

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