Here is a superb addon package for the fans of cartoon racing game called Crazy Kart. This package consists of 6 special addons!

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This racing is one of the best games of this kind. Download it and get the amazing cartoon race on the karts at fantastic routes.

Three game modes are: Championship, which is divided into three laps with different levels of difficulty; Time Attack, where you race against time to improve management skills; and a Quick Race.

Easy-to-use and handy controls with a central joystick and onscreen buttons of gas and brake. This game gives you a never ending gameplay for sure! The entire game consists of five worlds and twelve clearly traced maps.


- Smooth gameplay;

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Here is a football manager game for the devices with WM platform. Your main goal is to pick the best players in one team, create your own formation and tactics, and the last step is win the league.

You can customize everything you want in this game. You can create your own leage or play any leage at your option. Choose any team and any player. Your object can be varied depending on the possibilities of your “star” team.

Special Features:

- Real simulator of the match;
- Natural commentaries in English style;
- Genuine crowd sound;

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It will be very fun pastime, when you will try to prevent the falling of the ball from a table paddle. Why? Because you have to use your handheld device as a table tennis paddle. Just try it and you’ll see!

Main Features:

- Sun and Moon position affects in-game lighting;
- Background changes against the time of day.

Operating System: Android.

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This game is mad racing in a classic style, which gives you a real time 3D rendering, outstanding graphics and special effects.

Key Features:

- Ultimate racing;
- This game is the most real racing challenge for PDA;
- 3 different cars and 2 hidden cars
- Cars have unique handling characteristics;
- Excellent sounds effects and soundtrack;
- Superb visual images;
- Usage of M3D Engine;
- Accurate lightning effects;
- Detailed animation;
- Replay feature;
- Different views of the camera;
- And much more!

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Need for Speed is the race with high, virtually unrestricted rates, which are performed by you, relying on your driving skills and on the capabilities of your vehicle.

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You choose the realistic physics and dynamic simulation, highly-gaming environment, flexible and simple controls, if you choose a simulator of golf, such as 3D Nine Hole Golf for BlackBerry devices.

Other Advantages:

- The best ever 3D graphics for golf game;
- Incredibly realistic physics and dynamics simulation;
- Real physics of the ball;
- Real-time scene rendering and sophisticated 3D camera chasing view;
- Amazing partical effects;
- Rich and highly detailed environment of the game;
- Stylus and key controls;
- And much more.


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This game represents a completely new car racing! Check your dexterity and racing skills in this energetic game with four different locations, four unique cars and 15 unforgettable tracks.

Special Features:

- Great cartoon graphics;
- Four different cars;
- Intuitive controls;
- 15 amazing tracks;
- More than 20 minutes of music from the movie;
- More than 50 sound effects and voices;
- Four different locations;
- Statistics;
- Autosave.

Program’s developers: PDAmill Game Studios
Game is compatible with Pocket PC: Windows Mobile 2003 or later
Genre: Racing

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PDAmill Game Studios introduced a new arcade game Bowling for Burgers for all the fans of bowling. It is an emulator of bowling as the name implies. The game is designed for handheld computers and communicators with the Windows Mobile operating system. The player will compete against the champions in the game, complete all the attributes of bowling. You can play with one another, selecting two player mode.

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This game represents the most interesting billiards simulation game with advanced features, which was designed for Windows Mobile phones.

Extra Features:

- 5 games, like 8-ball, 8-ball (UK), 9-ball, One Pocket, 14.1 Continuous;
- Key and stylus intuitive controls;
- Real physics;
- The History feature (undo feature);
- Easy Load and Save game;
- Gamer Hints;
- 5 computer levels;
- Expert Player mode was added;
- AI enhancements.


- PocketPC 2002 or later.

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