This game represents the high-stakes horse wagering. It is licensed from the most popular horse racing event called “Super Bowl” - the Breeders' Cup World Championships. Just enter the world of Thoroughbred wagering and claim the title of the most prestige Thoroughbred racing handicapper.

Operating System: Android.

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This game brings a beautiful 3D car race to the screen of your Android device. It uses OpenGL ES for rendering. You receive the amazing competition of speed, which can’t be gifted by the most variety of classical car racing games, because this game has a splendid feature, which is a sensor controlling. Use the orientation sensor to control your favorite automobile.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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This game is a cool bike game with real physics and amazing challenging levels. You ride a special trial bike. Your task is to complete various obstacle courses. You will be hooked for sure, if you try this game! It will be the unforgettable pastime, ehich is fool of real challenge, brain train and exhausting practice.

- Free play mode was created to let you improve your skill level;
- Championship mode was specially created for the real master of play. It also allows you to unlock new levels.

Practice and be the best master of handle bars and pedals!

Operating System:

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This Windows Mobile application brings a 3D golf game to the screen of your pocket device. It has the next features:

- Mountain, desert and seaside locations;
- 18 holes in each course;
- 3 spatial hills, undulating fairways, sand traps, water, and tiered greens;
- Leaderboard;
- Realistic natural conditions;
- Zoom and perspective views;
- On-screen menus;
- Displays of distance and wind;
- You choose from 11 clubs;
- Resume play option;
- Amazing sound effects.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This amazing game will fit fans of the races with a rapid speed. It is reiterated winner of different Pocket PC awards. Try it and you will understand. Be prepared for the crazy action, gangs, cars and girls!

Special Features:

- Advanced physics engine and great dynamics;
- 9 different cars with unique characteristics;
- Hard hitting soundtrack by Bjorn Lynne;
- More than 32 races with captivating challenge;
- You can win the cars of your opponents;
- Checkpoints;
- You can perform different tricks to prevent the other racers;

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Professional pool simulator is a game with different tournaments and career modes.
You can play and become the billiard master of the World.


- 8 ball, 9 ball and straight pool games.

- True ball rotation and true physics.

- Friendly interface.

- AI with 3 difficulties.

- Game statistics.

- Multiple players on one device.

- Different table types.

- Sound and music effects.

- Tournament mode.

- Career mode.

- Winning matches you proceed to final stage and then to CUP.

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“FreeCells” contains 20 most popular FreeCell-like games from Solitaires Unlimited anthology. If you like to play FreeCell, this collected works are ideal to extend your familiarity of the game and try different rule variations.
To make your gameplay more attractive all games have a complete how-to-play instructions.

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Flux Challenge is a 3D racing-game in which you have to race into magnetic tunnels on your flying carts.
In Flux, you are in the distant future, where traffic is shifted deep underground in the magnetic tunnel magnetic fields. Designed for mass transit, tunnels soon became a favorite venue for the underground racing cars. Here are tracks on time, races, car and track choice and beautiful sounds. So, sit behind the wheel - and enjoy!

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Now you can have “Head2Head”. It is a new racing game, that has been planned using the most modern 3D technologies to deliver the last racing experience.

Using a state of the art physics engine to control the car suspension, Head2Head gives the player an opportunity to have a wild ride across all roads.


- Full screen mode (208x320).
- 3D environment and models.
- 3D stereo.
- Real graphics .
- Five tracks and three car models.

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You have a great opportunity to play excellent bowling simulator game with 4 different lanes and funny animations.


- Cool graphics.
- Great animations for spares, strikes and misses.
- Two difficulty levels.
- True bowling physics.
- Four lanes to play.

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