This game will not let you get bored. This game will go down in the top 5 games. Great gameplay with lots of maps, but the most interesting is that you can do your own maps.


- Horizontal and vertical scrolling.
- 15 levels in several realistic environments (mountains, plant, ice ...).
- Championship and the free game mode.
- Bike equipment in accordance with each level.

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Resco Seal Ball is a Beach Volleyball between seals. Once, two sea lions found a ball. They began to play with it, they loved it, and they decided to organize a tournament. The game is played by the rules of beach volleyball.


- 3D Graphics
- Support VGA (640 * 480) screens
- 2 game modes - arcade and tournament
- 3 difficulty levels
- you can win 9 prizes at different levels
- Coverage varies depending of the time of the day
- 4-mode screen orientation

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Try this cool automobile action game on your pocket device. You will like this game, because it allows you not only drive, but fight! And this is possible thanks to the advanced battle system. Upgrade your car and become a real cruel champion!

Special Features:

- Landscape in 3D;
- 5 various tracks;
- 19 circuits in 4 levels;
- 32 weapons and car’s tools;
- 15 different opponents;
- You can choose from 5 cars;
- Rear mirror.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This is a new and original bike game for Palm devices. One of the best games now in 3D graphics.

Descriptive information:

-Advanced version of the game
-New design levels
-55 new levels available for download
-Background music
-Changeable-appearance bike
-Ability to save and play replays
-Online table-top players

Operating System: Palm.

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You can play with Phil Hellmuth, who is a real legend of poker, on your mobile device thanks to this amazing game app, which also allows you to join different tournaments or play strict head-to-head game.

Extra Features:

- Different modes of the game;
- Skill levels;
- You can play even with 250 people thanks to the tournament ability;
- One handed play;
- Refreshed tournament standings;
- Opportunity to play with Phil Hellmuth;
- Advanced game options;
- Character settings.

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Fast Future Race is a good quality 3D racing simulator, where you control the aircrafts of the future.

You will open new championships as you pass more levels. Also you can take part in illegal racing.

Features of this Version:

- 3 game modes;
- 5 ships for the races;
- Countless highways;
- Amazing sound music and sound effects;
- Good quality and speed of 3D engine;
- Configuration by the cource of play.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Do you like a real table-soccer? Now you have a possibility to enjoy this amazing game on your Windows Mobile device thanks to the game called Master Kick, which is not only table-soccer game! You can ask: “Why?” Just look at the features of this amazing game:

- Original atmosphere;
- Highly addictive gameplay;
- Excellent graphics, special weather effects;
- Various team clothes;
- 6 fields and 6 teams;
- Perfect soundtrack and sound FX;
- Replay for any action;
- Advanced controls;
- Live cheering;
- Highly sophisticated AI;
- Advanced fullscreen mode;

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All the rules of this game are based on a real Snooker game. So, you can try to beat AI or play online against human opponents, if you think that you have a real talent and necessary skills to be the best. Anyway, it will be an unforgettable competition according to the game’s features:

- Online and Standalone game modes;
- “Guest” and Named variants of play;
- You can create your own table to play or join to someone’s game;
- Play-in – Play-out online competition;
- Chat;
- Templates of chat messages;
- Free avatars for download;

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This game was named Mad Cars, because it gives you a possibility to choose a car of your dreams, race anywhere, chase and beat your opponents, and you can perform everything anytime! So, be prepared for different races in the city, on the beach, acrooss the field, and even through the deep wood!

Special Features:

- HQ graphics and detailed environment;
- Abundance of cars and racing circuits;
- Many wicked opponents.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Be the master of any race! You can ask, how is it possible? The answer is a very simple! You need to join Owen and his buddies in a furious race.

Extra Features:

- Special 3D rendering technology;
- Real physics;
- Fantasy real-time gameplay;
- Breathtaking graphics;
- Rapid speeds!
- Easy-to-use controls;
- 5 unique and totally customized monster trucks;
- 4 vivid characters the racers;
- Stunning shooting effects.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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