Game called Race Cars The Extreme Rally was created by Terminal Studio. Wear a helmet and lead your racing car to the finish line! Take a part in the competition and win the Cup of Extreme Rally! So, you have a great opportunity to become the best racer in the world! Race Cars The Extreme Rally is a stunning three-dimensional game!

Special Features:

- Real 3D graphics;
- Photorealistic graphics;
- Good music and sound effects;
- 15 unique circular races with straight sections to test your skill;
- 12 fastest race cars;
- This game has various awards;

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16 balls on the table, like 1 white ball, 1 black ball, 7 solid balls and 7 stripe balls. So, everyone knows what to do further with them according to the rules of the game. You don’t need to panic, if you don’t know these rules. Application has many tips for novices. Download and receive a pleasure from the most popular billiard game in the world!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Pool 3D Training Edition is one of the best 3D pool simulator games with a real physics simulation of motion of balls, which takes into account everything, such as gravity, table’s cover, the strength and direction of impact.

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This application is an addictive 3D Kart simulator with three various racing classes and karts, 16 speed tracks and great game’s physics.

Special Features:

- Rapid 3D engine;
- 3 modes of the game;
- 16 tracks;
- You can select appropriate skill level;
- Different camera views;
- 3D sounding with real kart’s sound;
- Adjustable controls;
- Onscreen controls;
- Language choice, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian.

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This addictive game app will perfectly fit you if you’re searching a great game of Texas Hold 'Em for your pocket device.

- Pot Limit, Limit and NO LIMIT Play;
- You can play Career Mode or Fast Play;
- “Hand Tips” and Complete Help System are available;
- Portrait and Landscape Mode (or Square Screen!) support;
- Game is adjustable for any skill level.

Gameplay always gives you all you want from attractive poker. Begin your career from multi-table competition action in the featured events. You can customize any game’s parameter as you wish.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This is a “draw and play” game. You must draw some line, then you can set any object in motion, which follows that line as the result.

Main Instructions:

1) You draw a line,
2) You press “Play”,
3) You need to avoid the blue balls named “goal keepers”.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Satisfy your rubber-burning desires if you really have a need for speed!

Game has many features, and one of its best is the Cruise Control feature. You can maintain the same velocity without keeping your finger on the button if you get top speed with this useful feature. Controls of this “rapid” game are completely customizable, so you can maneuver on the track as you wish.
This high octane racer will certainly give you many hours of pleasure!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Do you need the most realistic golf simulator with amazing 3D graphics for your pocket Windows Mobile device? Yes, you are, so download this application and you will not regret!

You must have Windows Mobile 5 and higher, Square Landscape Screen to run this amazing golf simulator.

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Are you a soccer fun? This application called Soccer Touch fits you perfectly in that case. This basic game for all sport fans was maked by jakobdam.

Your mission is to save the ball in the airs as long as possible. Try to perform this difficult task like popular soccer stars. And it certainly helps you to train your coordination skills.

Requirements: You must have flashlite to run this app; operating system is Windows Mobile.

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This is a great bowling game for your mobile phone! Just download this game application and prepare for the breathtaking competition against the best players in the world!

Special Features:

• Tournament and Spare Challenge styles of the game;
• Real ball’s physics;
• Amazing graphics;
• You can play against real PBA players like Tommy Jones, Jason Couch, Wes Malott, Tony Reyes, Pete Weber, Norm Duke, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Robert Smith, Chris Barnes, Sean Rash, and Parker Bohn III;
• Different locations to play, such as Las Vegas, El Paso, Indianapolis, Reno, and Tokyo;

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