Micro Pool is beautiful pool game application. Play your favorite pool games on your mobile phone.


• 8-ball, 9-ball, Speed and Killer pool games;
• Player modes are: 1 player, 2 players, demo mode;
• Real animation;
• Excellent physics;
• Rapid performance;
• Amazing sound effects;
• Easy learning curve;
• 3 different play tables with color choice;
• Help menu.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Try to compete with the artificial intelligence in Pool and Billiards with this addictive Palm OS application.

Special Features:

• 320x320 and 320x480 resolution support;
• 5-way navigator assistance;
• Custom friendly interface;
• Super-smart opponent;
• Play your favorite games like 9-Ball, 1-Cushion Billiards, 2-Cushion Billiards, 8-Ball (Bar Rules), 8-Ball (BCA Rules), 8-Ball (UK Rules), Pyramid;
• Practice, You vs. Player, You vs. Comp Game Modes;
• Colour choice;
• Enhanced geometrical settings;
• Quick engine;
• Smooth animation even at 50fps;
• Ball moves really;

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You choose an addictive and crazy golf game if you try to play Harry Putter's Crazy Golf. You feel like you play on real playing area thanks to this amazing first person perspective golf game. Handle your way round all 18 holes and complete this task by several shots. You have a possibility of practice mode if you need some skills train. This mode surely helps you to develop your strategy to play selected holes.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This game perfectly fits people who want to develop their reaction and skills! Real classic arcade game with the same name Air Hockey Challenge is a base of this wonderful game application. So, everyone knows the rules of this addictive game. Outscore your opponent with the help of your pocket device! Just use your touch screen to control your paddle.

Special Features:

• 4 different Game Modes;
• 3 levels of difficulty;
• You can play with Computer as opponent;
• Power-ups;
• Right/Left handed modes;
• WiFi/Network Multiplayer modes;
• Particle Effects;

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You can play one of the most popular, classical and asked-for games with this application. And this game is Bowling! All physical laws are completely kept in this amazing game, even if you throw the ball or just rest. There are variuos functions modes, such as Arcade, Stroke and Swing.


• You fell the real-life model in Stroke Mode;
• Pass your time with quality in Arcade Mode;
• All modes have user-friendly High Score table;
• Windows Mobile 6.0 support!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This classic Tetris game was designed for use on devices with accelerometer.


• Tilt your phone to the right or left (or use appropriate keys) to move tetrominoes;
• Rotate tetrominoes by scrollwheel use ore by using the Up key;
• Use the Enter key to drop tetrominoes to the bottom. You can also press and hold the Down key to perform this operation.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You can play a pong game on your WM device now. Just download app called GravityPong for this. You control your paddle by tilting the device.


• You change the speed of the ball with Up/Down;
• You change the CPU paddle speed with Left/Right;
• You pause game with Center button.

You also can see some text in the bottom. There is the time since the last restart in the bottom left. You find your current score in the bottom right.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Do you like rapid speed? Then, this 3D street racing game was designed exactly for you. This game is inspired by the rebel motorcycle subculture spirit. See how rapidly you can rush through the sleek nighttime streets of the glittering city.

Be sure, you will like this game! Lifelike physics simulation, amazing animation, breathtaking city scenes, exciting street competitions. What else do you need?

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Do you like bowling? Yes, you are, so joing round-the-world bowling challenge tournament with the help of your pocket Windows Mobile device! You can become the Ultimate Bowling Fighter and have a possibility to battle against international members.

Ultimate Bowling Fighter app has 3 play modes. There are Solo mode, Tournament mode and Multiplayer mode. This game has intensive gameplay, amusing “Strike” and “Spare” effects, amazing graphics and realistic stereo sounds.

Features of the Application:

• It has 4 exciting locations;
• It has 4 playable characters;
• Funny animation;

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You can choose Pool Rebel 1.4.2 if you need qualitative billiards simulation game for your pocket Windows Mobile device.

Features of App:

- It has addictive gameplay;
- Intuitive controls;
- Realistic physics;
- Operating system of this game is Windows Mobile.

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