Pool is one of the favorite sports of people and almost everyone can play pool in a pub. But you cannot take a pool table with you on your walk. And you can have a help of Pool Rebel 1.3 in that case. All you need to do is just install this simulator to your pocket device and you can enjoy your favourite game. Pool Rebel is representation of the “sport” to small screen of your mobile phone. It proposes easy-to-use exceptional control system and perfectly customized ball physics.

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Guide your ball though various levels, avoid holes and choosу the fastest path.
The most difficult way is often the quickest.
# 3 levels with increasing difficulty
# original game mode: auto-jump
# Musics and sounds
# Original color 3D graphics
# Chronometer

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Darts is the only sport on the planet where a player can be a smoking, drinking fat guy and make it to the top of the championship.
This game for mobile devices helps you practice your aim on the bus or the train, a number is chosen for you and you must hit it with one dart.
You have three hits and each hit you're given a different number. If you succeed you score 20 points, whereas if you hit the area either side of it you get 10 points. The computer competitor does the same and the one with the most points after three darts is the winner.

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