Here is a continuation of excellent card RPG, which includes new maps and spells.

This game was designed for Flash
Genre: RPG
Status: Freeware
Additional Requirements: Flash player

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You need to build a city (schools, hospitals, factories, etc.). The construction of the city looks like a plan (which is very handy), you can switch to 3D mode and see what you have done and how things are going in the city.

This game app was designed for Flash
Status: free

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You must arrange guns, tanks and other combat units (you have to buy them for the money), and shoot crowd of toys to get money, you can also set mines.

This app was designed for Flash
Status: free

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The Final Battle is a new adventure game about the knights time. You are a young knight, who awakes in a prison cell with amnesia. You need to escape and do different tasks.


- More than 50 locations;
- Excellent graphics;
- Interesting story with lots of digressions;
- Wonderful music and sounds;
- Funny dialogues;
- Set of riddles and puzzles;
- Auto-save;
- Possibility to send the player’s rank to the site for registered users.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: demo version
Developer: CrazySoft

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4Elements is an economic strategy. Your mission is to develop on one of given planets, collect resources, build an army to fight with other nations and eventually win. You will do it to make the planet free for all civilians in the universe!

This game was designed for Symbian 9.x S60
Status: demo version
Developer: Pocket Torch

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Everyone knows this popular dark themed action RPG from the 1996. And it needs no introduction. Now it is available on your pocket Windows Mobile device. So, you can enjoy this amazing game on the screen of your phone.

All you need to do is just download the game application and copy the diabloui.dll file, which you can find in the Diablo CD, then paste it into the created folder of “Diablo”.

Now you can walk around Tristram with this version of the game.


- .NET Compact Framework 2.0;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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My Little Tank is an exciting arcade-type shooter. You will pass the exciting levels managing a miniature tank and tracking your way through enemy territory. The path lies through the snowy plains, swamps, steppe and desert. The longer it will be the stronger enemies face you. Many other improvements will help you to build the capacity and firepower of your tank. Smart bombs, life bonuses, increasing speed of the tank, invisible tank, weapon upgrades, freeze bonuses.

Features of this version:

- 80 missions!
- 5 types of enemy tanks;
- 6 types of improvements;

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Battle for Mars is turn-based strategy, where you can use soldiers, robots and spaceships to defeat your enemy. You will fight in the mountains, forests and sea.

It Includes:

- 17 types of units;
- 6 types of buildings;
- 3 enemy races;
- 6 maps for a quick game;
- 12 maps in campaign.

Version: 1.0.16
System requirements: Android OS
Installation type: APK
Developer: LARVA LABS © 2009
Language: English

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This is a tycoon strategy. You play as handicraftsman, who knows how to make magic items, which are valuable for adventure hunters. Artifacts can help the heroes to survive in thousands of battles. Your mission is to earn more money by selling the most marketable magical objects.

Main Features:

- Built-in tutorial;
- 5 difficulty levels;
- A few places to save game;
- 3 classes of heroes and 10 varieties of artifacts, 10 magical forces;
- Lots of random positive and negative events;
- Mini-games for entertainment;
- Music by Jason Surguine (Snails, Arvale).

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Yes Yes Yes, there are themselves! And they're back!
Here is a new part of the famous game series about bravery worms the bullies!
Get ready for a few modes of play, good graphics, lots of missions and weapons, cool sounding and excellent gameplay, which does not allow you to break away from this exciting game!
Choose a worm, equip it, select the area and break the enemy worms!

System Requirements: WM6.1 - WM6.5
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800)
Setup Type: CAB

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