The action takes place on a distant planet called Mazera. You play as a boy named Ix, who was stolen and placed into local zoo by alien creatures. Your mission is to perform escape to come back home.

Big number of puzzles, obstacles and space objects, which poses the danger, separate you from your home. Be careful, because you will face not only friends on the way!

Genre: RPG
Interface: English
OS: Windows Mobile

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This is an addictive RPG. You play 4 characters, which will fight against the Darkness. There are hundreds of monsters, dozens of maps, a lot of items in the game.

This game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC.

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This amazing game will give you a possibility to explore space in a spaceship. You will discover the exotic star systems, new technologies and forms of life. The playing space is generated in the beginning of the game and never repeats.

Game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC.
Status: Demo version.
Developer: Astraware Limited.

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Shadow of Legend is an excellent free cross-platformed RPG. You can play with the PDA, smartphone or desktop computer.

Game gives you the real challenge! Just choose your race and go on! 10 gaming races, like men, elves, dwarves, orcs, ogres, etc., excellent graphics and well thought-out gaming world.

System Requirements:

- Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, or 6.0 Pocket PC or Smartphone;
- QVGA or VGA display
- 200 MHz processor;
- 15 MB RAM;
- Memory map from 1GB (recommended FAT32, speed of 66X);
- Wi-Fi connection or 2.5G/2.75G/3G;

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Black Core Logic is a cyberpunk adventure game for Pocket PC handhelds.

It is a dark future. Corporations control all networks. They track every step of all users. No one can feel safe. However, there are rumors about the logical bomb, which can destroy the control of corporations control and free the network again. These rumors are named Black Core Logic.


- Over 100 locations;
- Great storyline;
- Handy stylus controls;
- Excellent intro;
- Save/restore anywhere ability.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Towers Trap is a real challenge for you from Zone Projects, which is going to test your strategic thinking. Have you ever imagined that you may be the best strategy among all? Now you have the opportunity to prove it!

You protect the front line from enemies attacking your land, and you should use all your skills to stop them in Towers Trap. Unfortunately, a lot of enemies and you can think that your fate is sealed, and you lose the battle ... or probably win? Just do everything you can and prove that you are the best strategist!

Special Features:

- 8 types of enemies;

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Tankzone 2000 is a 3D tank battle game with different levels and additional attacks of UFO. 3D graphics is very simple, the square and triangular shapes are basically used, but navigation is very realistic and radar allows to see the enemy. Your weaponry is limited by the supply of ammunition. You need to follow the flags, which mark the presence of charge, and recharge your weapon before firing.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This game app is of the kinds of Bejewelled games for pocket Windows Mobile devices.

Your task is to collect as many special points as possible by changing the adjacent units, like gears, jewels and bolts. So, make vertical or horizontal sets of three the same units, if you want to earn points. Just choose one unit and then the other identical unit to make them change and to swap them. But nonice, these units must be located nearby. And you must be very attentive and prudent, because they can back to their default locations. Download and try to earn more points with every new attempt!

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This amazing classic game is a very addictive action-strategy for pocket WM phones, which is full of excellent humor and big guns! It has been designed for many years, and it is a winner of different game awards!

Special Features:

- Amazing graphics, pro art and animation;
- Extra eye-candy effect, like explosions, flames, smoke trails, etc.;
- Weather effects;
- Handy controls and clear friendly interface;
- Smooth gameplay;
- Slender menus;
- The Moogums, Lupeez and Nooginz unique races;
- 15 original levels;
- You can create your own levels;
- Big number of weapon!

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4Elements is a good space strategy for smartphones. You have to play for one of the four races, which landed on a planet in deep space with a mission of production of four new elements, like Sidium, Denium, Ferium and Gerium.

Your task will be development of base, construction of various ground and flying units, mining resources, trade with other races, energy production, and of course fight for survival, according to classics of the genre.

Special Requirements:

- 2MB of storage;
- Devices of Series 60 3rd Edition.

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