Find fame and fortune as a ship captain in the Caribbean in this addictive new strategy game!

Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy! The year is 1695 and you are a ship captain. You can find fame and fortune in this addictive new strategy game!

Complete courageous missions to get gold and prestige, prowl the waters to capture unsuspecting ships, and haggle with merchants to discover well-paid trade routes. You can choose your own exclusive path to untold fortunes—as a pirate, trader, privateer, or all three!


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Warspear Online is the first full-fledged cross-platform massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with free access for all.


- Explore the game world with thousands of other players simultaneously.
- 4 unique factions and 12 different classes.
- Bestiary consists of more than 50 unusual monsters.
- Free PvP system gives ample opportunities in battles with other players and will become a noble warrior or a ruthless killer.
- In addition to battles in the game you can extract resources, and create your own things.

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This game was designed in the best traditions of Battle Isle game, which give you an opportunity to show the tactical skills. Collect your army and decide, what units will make the game!

All you need is victory, and you can reach this aim only if you destroy all opponent forses! Uncover technological secrets, develop unique protection tactics, and lead your army to victory!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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It’s a new born of legendary Transport Tycoon Deluxe game!
This game is an advanced economic strategy game, where you will construct different road tracks and railway lines, deliver passengers, mail, resources, products, maximizing your profit to become a real monopolist!

Special Features:

- Huge maps;
- Multiplayer mode;
- Automatic creation of roads and railways depending on the landscape;
- Crossed tunnels;
- Multiplatform stations;
- Building of 9 variants of the airports;
- Cloning, autoupdate and autocorrect of your transport;

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Try to place defensive towers in the right locations to repel the enemy troops and stop the “Chaos”, wicked lord of time, and change the course of major events in human history as a result.

Don’t let the forces of chaos to get to the crystal of time, because you will lose some lives and energy. You receive a monetary reward for every killed opponent. Earned money can be spent on purchase of new towers and their upgrades, and even the transition into the next era.

You need to choose the towers wisely, because the enemies has their various options, like armor, flight, speed, etc.

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This is the greatest turn-based strategy game for Pocket PC of all the times. This fantasy cards game is great thanks to the unique gameplay.

Special Features:

- Original full-size strategy gameplay;
- You can meet some unique elements at the same time, like build orders, cards based battles, economics, RPG elements;
- Campaign and Duel game modes;
- Multiplayer mode, where you can play via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or in the Internet;
- Excellent music and sound effects;
- Interactive tutorial;
- Comprehensive manual;
- Epic scenario.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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The plot of the game called Rabbit Wars can be a scenario for writing the book. Two hostile factions, like rabbits and hares fight for territory and carrots.

Feel like a commander of one of these factions and receive a task to develop a tactical plan and lead your team to the victory.

Special Features:

- You receive a free PC version too;
- Interesting story;
- Excellent graphics;
- Perfect battlefield sound effects;
- Martial soundtrack;
- Multiplayer;
- Various military units;
- Fun rabbits’ comments;
- And more.

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This game was created to improve your fast thinking and logical skills.

Main Rules:

- You can move only one disc in a time;
- You can’t place the larger disc on top of a smaller disc;
- You can move only the topmost disc.

Game Features:

- This game is areal logical improvement;
- Fast gameplay;
- 6 level with ascending difficult;
- App was made for Pocket PC specially.

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Do you like a minimalism and very addictive games? So, this game application will fit you perfectly in that case.

It has simple graphics and little effects, but you take the advantage of its strategy features. You can bravely download this app, if you want to improve your strategy skills and have many hours of addictive pleasure. Be sure, this game will help you!

Operating System: Palm OS.

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Be the owner of an indescribable island. You need to equip it with the necessary facilities. Enjoy the unique gameplay and perfect graphics and breathtaking sound of this incredible strategy game for pocket Windows Mobile devices. This game app isn’t inferior to the PC strategy games, because of its all the features.

Main Features:

- Increased performance;
- 3 extra mini games;
- Different types of buildings;
- Many hours of addictive gameplay;
- Amazing graphics;
- Breathtaking sounding;
- Square screen assistance;
- Screensaver mode;

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