SU FreeCells BB 2.1.2 free download

SU FreeCells BB 2.1.2

“FreeCells” contains 20 most popular FreeCell-like games from Solitaires Unlimited anthology. If you like to play FreeCell, this collected works are ideal to extend your familiarity of the game and try different rule variations.
To make your gameplay more attractive all games have a complete how-to-play instructions.

FreeCells anthology includes such games as: Antares, Challenge FreeCell, Baker's Game, Eight Off, Eight On, Double FreeCell, ForeCell, FreeCell, Four by Ten, Four Colours, Inverted FreeCell, KingCell, Milligan Cell, Penguin, Repair, Sea Towers, Scorpion Towers, Seven by Five, Seven by Seven and Towers.


- Three card skins with sharp and clear graphics.

- Categorized solitaires list by playing time and complexity.

- Present game state saved for the last 10 played solitaires.

- Unrestricted undo.

- Supports timed game.

- Advanced Pile View option.

- Best times table.

- Statistics.

- Game rules for each solitaire.

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